Six ways to improve your football skills

Football – it’s our national game and greatest passion, and the Premiere League rules the roost when it comes to talent and skill. Most top footballers have spent years perfecting their craft, but there’s no reason why you can’t improve your skills at any age. Here are six ways to get fitter and better at your favorite sport.

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1. Study the game to get the basics right

Football is about much more than ball skills, and it’s important to really study the game so you can get the basics of strategy and ball placement right every time.

Talk to your teammates and don’t take criticism to heart – use it as an opportunity to learn and improve your technique.

2. Join a local league

This is the hands down the best way of playing regularly and honing your physical and mental skills. Being a team player and communicating and collaborating with your teammates are as important as pulling off that bicycle kick.

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3. Healthy diet and exercise

Today’s professional footballers are athletes who cross-train for strength, agility, and speed. Keeping on top of your fitness is a great way to improve as a player, and you can start at home with squats and lunges. Cycling is another great way to improve leg strength and cardio fitness, so bike when you can.

Nutrition is another key component in your overall fitness, so make sure you eat plenty of fruit and veg and protein while keeping an eye on excess fat and carbs.

4. Drill your skills

Football training drills are the best way to practice your ball control – there’s a reason why dribbling around cones is still a popular part of any training session. If you want some new ideas visit Sportplan for football training drills that will have you passing like Messi.

5. Train regularly

Absolutely the best way to get better at anything is to practice. Train regularly, whether that’s with your mates in the park or with your local team. It’s not the location that matters but your discipline and attitude in training to get better.

6. Set goals

What’s your ultimate goal? By establishing where you want to get to you can better monitor your progress and achieve your aims. If you’re not improving fast enough, consider working with a dedicated football coach.