Jones believes England are better than France in Six Nations

It has been years since England won their last Grand Slam in 2003; however, English coach Eddie Jones says his team is a better one than France this time around and deserved to win the title.

Having already clinched the Six Nations title, the English team was hoping for a run of five wins in a row. Jones said that although they had the Six Nations trophy in the bag, it did not feel as if the challenge was over and that beating France in the game in Paris was still the last hurdle.

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In the past four Six Nations Championships, France has finished in the bottom half of the ladder, while England will be taking the title for an incredible 13th time. Jones believes his team may be better; however, he said the French side would be playing a very traditional game and has several talented individuals who provide plenty of forwarding power. Jones’s strategy for the match was to be physical, intense and to not allow the French to get into the game.

Giving credit where it is due

Jones has certainly not taken all the credit for making the English side a force to be reckoned with; instead, he has credited his predecessor, Stuart Lancaster, with doing an excellent job in developing the team. Lancaster spent three and a half years with the team and left his post only after England bowed out early from the World Cup.

Lancaster would have used a number of methods in whipping his team into shape, including rugby drills. Jones has publicly stated that a large part of England’s success today is the result of Lancaster’s influence, as he set the groundwork for what was to come.

A popular event

Over the years, the Six Nations Championship has grown in popularity and in 2015 became the most-watched annual sporting event. The biggest British broadcasters have been battling it out over the rights to show the games, with the BBC and ITV both wanting to be part of the action.

With this in mind homeowners will want peace of mind when it comes to watching the game.

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In the past, only the European Championship and the football World Cup have been available on dual channels; now, the Six Nations has gathered such a huge following that it is also available on both.