5 Fashion Tips If You’re Attending F1

Whether you are a regular attendee to the Formula 1 racing or this is your first time, like any event, the old question of what to wear raises its head. We have put together some simple fashion tips to help you get ready for the weekend, from practice day to race day. With these tips and your own sense of style, you are sure to be comfortable and confident during your trip to see the thrilling F1.

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Comfort Is Key

While those shoes with the high heels look fabulous in the magazine, they are really only for sitting down in. At the F1 Paddock Club Monaco, you will be moving around and likely spending lots of the day on your feet. Rather than break-neck heels, opt for stylish wedges or even cute flats.

Dress for the Day

The F1 is not a one-day event, happening over four days that see practice circuits, qualifying and then the big race itself. So dress accordingly for each day. As the racing builds up, so should your wardrobe. Stay smart-casual at the start of the event and build up to your finery on the final race day. In short, save the big guns for the big race.

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Baggage Allowance

It’s not just your flight that restricts big bags – so does the F1. You will not be allowed to bring in any large bags to the F1 Paddock Club Monaco, so only bring your essentials. Invest in a cute wrist wallet or small pouch bag.

Humans Only, Please

Seems obvious, but no pets are allowed at the F1. Of course, no one would bring their parrot or guinea pigs – what we mean are those little handbag dogs. They might look cute on your arm, but they are not allowed at the F1.

The Wind in Your Hair

But where is the F1 paddock Club in Monaco? It is right there, trackside, with beautiful views that have you right in the action. But remember, F1 is an outdoor sport, so you will be outdoors too. When it comes to your hair, there is no point getting an expensive blow-dry or up-do just for it to be blown away!

With a little forward thinking and planning, you can be dressed just right at this year’s F1 in Monaco.