Your New Business Website needs Optimising

Your website may have been created and launched, but the work isn’t over yet: now it is time to optimise your website.

Website optimisation is very important, as it moves your website up the search engine pages so that it is visible to more people. This will increase brand awareness, boost sales and lead to more customer engagement.

If your new website could do with an SEO boost, check out these five tips that will help you to optimise it.

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Use Exchange Links

You can contact webmasters to ask if they will link to your website, as most are happy to do so if the website is a good-quality site with relevant information. This will help to improve the backlinks to your website, but remember to include links to other pages as well as the homepage, as this will significantly improve your website’s SEO.  For all information on content creation weather its on page or off page you could contact an SEO services in London company through companies such as who have experts trained in this field.

Create a Facebook Business Account

Facebook is one of the biggest social networking websites in the world, with over 500 million members, so you should definitely create a Facebook business page. This will make it easier for you to connect with new clients, but make sure that you put your brand name all over the page. According to Search Engine Land (, the names of your business should be in the title of the page, the custom URL and any custom tabs, as search engines will crawl these areas for information about your business.

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Get Listed on the Internet Directories

You should also submit your website to high-quality internet directories, such as Yahoo Directory, Yellow Pages and DMOZ. This is because they will provide your website with good-quality backlinks that will help to boost your website’s SEO.

Publish a Press Release

This will promote your new business website to relevant people in the area, such as potential clients and other businesses that may want to work with you. While this alone won’t improve your search engine ranking, if the people who read the press release visit your website, that will help to boost your ranking.

Keep Going

SEO is a long-term project, and so it can take a while to see results. Stay motivated and keep going!