Caring About Sustainable Fabrics and where they can be used

There are many benefits to choosing green fabrics. Sustainable fashion really does make a difference, and here is why.

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Better for the Environment

The environmental footprint left by the fashion industry is simply huge, from the energy required to manufacture each piece, to the pesticides used as part of the cotton growing process. That is even before we talk about landfill impact. Choosing sustainable and organic fabrics such as hemp or bamboo not only eliminates the need for pesticides, they are chemical free and will also reduce the amount of carbon you produce.

Best for People

The Fair Trade Act labels clothes and fabrics which have been deemed sustainable in a number of ways. It has not been produced in sweatshop conditions, and those who made it received a fair wage and are working in a safe environment. Choosing to buy Fair Trade items sends a message to companies that you care about people and places and that they should too.

The other alternative is to become your own designer and create your own wardrobe from scratch.

Better for Venues

Fabric is better when it comes to building material due to the convenience and colour.  It can be used when creating your Fabric Roof to which is able to designed to your specification when looking at sites including


Best for Animals

Leather boots might look glorious on the runway or shop floor, but very few people actually stop to consider the fact that an animal has died to make them. Think twice before you choose leather goods and the same goes for fur. Some people choose not to buy anything which has resulted in the death or ill treatment of an animal. Vegans often take this one step further, refusing to even wear silk or wool. You don’t need to go as far as not wearing a wool jumper, however making a conscious decision to source only cruelty free clothes makes a huge difference and will ensure you can get dressed each day, safe in the knowledge that what you are wearing did not see any animals harmed.

Longer Lasting

Renewable, organic fibres are certainly the least toxic option, but how about choosing clothes and fabrics you can use and wear for more than one season? To ensure your clothes last longer, invest in chic silhouettes, classic shapes and timeless colours which will last you year after year. Say goodbye to consumerism and save energy, resources and money along the way.