The benefits of sliding sash windows

Sash windows in the UK are a typical feature of Victorian and Georgian properties, with the distinctive aesthetics and designs considered part of the British building heritage. Sash windows have glazed panels that open horizontally or vertically. They are undeniably elegant and charming and a familiar sight across English cities, towns, and villages; however, the downside of these windows is the loss of energy and high maintenance costs.

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Across England, more people are having sliding sash windows installed to retain the aesthetically pleasing appearance of their homes, conservatories and freestanding garden rooms. The benefits are as follows:

Energy efficient

Sliding sash windows typically have UPVC frames with low emissivity glass used in double glazing in Evesham windows. This effectively allows sunlight through while preventing air from leaking in or out of the window. Double glazed windows comprise two sheets of glass with a gap of around 16mm between them. This creates an insulated barrier that keeps the heat inside your home.

An estimate by the British Fenestration Rating Council reveals that by installing double glazing in Evesham or anywhere else across the country, you could save between £95 on C energy efficient rated glazing to £115 when using A++ per annum.

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Some windows have gases such as krypton, xenon or argon between the glass. The pane spacers used to keep the glass apart are also energy efficient and contain little to zero metal. While you save on energy, you want the fresh air streaming into your home during the summer months, making the case for the adaptability of sash windows clear.


UPVC is known for its added strength and durability. Using an aluminum or UPVC sliding sash window frame gives your home a rock-solid security advantage. In addition, double glazing in Evesham takes double the effort to break and has a secure locking mechanism.

Low maintenance

UPVC is the choice for sliding sash window frames that combine well with double glazed glass and components. Homeowners and renters can use a wet cloth to wipe dirt from a window frame and any glass cleaner. You do not have any other upkeep such as sanding, varnishing and repainting when this type of windows is installed. The lifespan of UPVC is up to 100 years, making it a cost-effective solution.