Things to Consider Before Taking Lipozene

Before taking any weight loss supplement including Lipozene, it’s important to take the time and conduct research. Make sure you fully understand the product and what to expect when using it.

Be Aware of Overconfident Claims

Every person interested in losing weight would like to believe there is a magic pill that makes it easy for the consumer. Is this possible as some products claim? Is Lipozene an easy way to lose weight or does it require effort on the part of the consumer? Before starting a regimen with this product, you must be able to separate the reality from advertising hype.

Every drugstore in the country carries a variety of products whose advertisers claim a person can lose weight without effort. You can choose from fat burners, fat flushers, fat melters, and the like. Lipozene contains a natural dietary fiber called Glucomannan that is extracted from the root of the konjac plant (also called elephant yam). This water-soluble fiber mixes with water and forms a gel that can possibly cause the stomach to feel full. This would then allow the person to eat less.

Be Aware of Price Differences

While advertisers encourage potential buyers to purchase Lipozene online or over the phone, it is also available in pharmacies. However, the product is not cheap—the average price is $30 for 60 capsules, each containing 750 milligrams of Glucomannan. The recommended dosage is two capsules before each meal or six per day. At that rate, an individual would need to invest approximately $90 every month. It is possible to find other products that contain Glucomannan for much less.

Advertising Claims

Be aware of what is truth and what is simply advertising hype. For instance, the television ad claims Lipozene can help users lose weight without exercising or changing their diet. It also claims the fat-reducing power was proven clinically by a university study. When you review the fine print, it says the average loss was 3.86 pounds in eight weeks. The key point to consider is there is no scientific evidence to support claims that the small doses of Glucomannan in Lipozene can help with any significant weight loss. In addition, the Food and Drug Administration’s approval does not cross over from that of a thickening agent to a weight loss supplement.

No Proof of Clinical Trials

There has been no evidence in medical databases for the claims made in the Lipozene ads. There was a small study conducted in Norway in 2005 on overweight subjects who lost an average of 8.6 pounds in five weeks, but the test subjects also maintained a diet of 1,200 calories daily. One adjunct professor stated there is no single fiber that can produce any dramatic weight loss but encourages everyone, dieters and others, to consume 20-35 grams of fiber each day from various sources.


The key is to conduct research and determine if Lipozene is the right product for your needs. One place you can learn more about Lipozene is The Hub Post at their Lipozene page. The dietary fiber is definitely a healthy addition to your diet, but whether it is sufficient to help you lose weight depends on your individual body metabolism.