When Bronze statues go wrong.

You can imagine the scene. A commission has been made for a bust or bronze statue of a famous individual. Dignitaries are there, the Lord Mayor (with that strange metal chain they always wear) is presiding; the family of the subject is there suitably nervous and, if we get really unlucky, a Town Crier might be rolled out to make an announcement. The general public has turned up to have a look at what is promised is supposed to be a  suitable edifice to mark the achievement of whatever this great person did. The Mayor pulls off the cover and the work of art is revealed. There are gasps, some muted applause and then someone says what everyone is thinking “Well, um, it doesn’t look like them does it?”

Luckily if you need a Horse Sculpture then look no further than www.gillparker.com/ where this scenario will never happen as you are sure to get a perfect and brilliant piece every time. When looking for a piece of artwork like a sculpture you should always go for one created by a credible professional. However, there have been some recent and celebrated examples when this was not the case. Art and the interpretation of the Human form are always going to be subjective but what the artist sees this time around is really at odds to what the public sees. For example;

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As one of the best players to come out of Portugal, specifically the island of Madeira, it was fitting that the great Cristiano Ronaldo should have his likeness enshrined somewhere. There was a perfectly decent life-size one at Real Madrid but a nice bust to welcome visitors to Madeira via the Airport seemed like a wonderful opportunity.  The main problem was that the bust didn’t look anything like him. It had a slightly deranged grin that did not resemble Ronaldo’s and the haircut was also wrong. Some suggested it looked more like racing driver David Coulthard or the Irish Football Player Niall Quinn, neither who have any link to Madeira whatsoever. It has subsequently been replaced by the artist.

It seems that footballers are the ones to suffer in this way. A recent George Best effort left many fans that turned up to see it question whether the artist had ever actually seen George Best in the first place. His face looked like robots and for some reason, the artist had focused on the player’s philtrum far too much.

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Best’s statue is not alone. A representation of Diego Maradona makes him look like a fat-necked Joey from Friends and a sculpture of Liverpool great Mo Salah has been called across between, Gilbert O’Sullivan, Leo Sayer, and Marv the bad guy from Home Alone. The actual player was not considered at all it would seem.