What you can see at the Geneva Motor Show

Geneva is home to annual car Motor Show usually held in March each year The eyes of the world’s motoring press will turn to its exhibition halls as a wealth of new cars makes their debut. Now if monster trucks or tanks are more your things you will be disappointed to find you won’t see any at the show but you could book in on a Tank Driving with a company like www.armourgeddon.co.uk/tank-driving-experience.html and experience the thrill of driving a tank.

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Here are some of the car models that have appeared at previous shows and it won’t be long before the pre-launch information for next year’s show is released giving us an insight into new models being showcased at the event.

Aston Martin DB11

Spy shots have already shown off Aston Martin’s latest supercar in the venerable DB series, indicating that it will be just as stylish and eye-catching as its predecessors.

In fact, a viral video to promote the DB11 has revealed tidbits about its performance capabilities, promising a 5.2-liter V12 engine with twin turbochargers will be under the bonnet. This should give it more than 600bhp and enable it to race to 60mph in well under the four-second mark.

Skoda Vision S

For those seeking car finance companies can help with sourcing a car such as this one and others, an Aston Martin may be a little out of your price range. Thankfully however there will be plenty of affordable, family-oriented vehicles appearing at Geneva, including the latest concept from Skoda known as the Vision S.

With seven seats on board, this SUV will fill the role traditionally occupied by MPVs and people carriers. It should also benefit from bold design choices that are befitting a concept car, with the production model likely to be toned down by comparison.

Audi Q2

Another anticipated SUV is the Q2 from German brand Audi. Built on the platform shared by other VW Group models including the Audi A3, this small SUV will add a premium touch to a part of the market which has been lacking in luxury so far.

Rivaling models from Vauxhall and MINI, the Q2 is expected to offer both front-wheel drive and Quattro 4×4 models, as well as a wide range of customization options so that buyers can deck it out in whatever color and trim suits their tastes. This youth-oriented SUV will still have a bold and beefy design to give it some presence on the road, as well as a higher driving position compared with traditional hatchbacks that should give it that much-needed presence.